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Perry Bernard

I’ve discovered all too often that I am the proverbial ‘ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’ when it comes to website design and development. It’s painful to have to advise business owners that their new design just can’t do what they expected and that they have to start again. Through education, proper guidance and having the balls to be blatantly honest, I aim to change that for the better.
I am the guy at the top of that cliff letting you know the smartest, safest and most profitable path forward.

Perry Bernard – Web Strategist & Facilitator of Extraordinary Common Sense


” the success of your website will be determined by it’s capacity to be found and its ability to convert visitors into customers. Search Engine Optimisation is a fundamental part of that and should be built-in from the outset… “


98% of all Clicks in Google go to the Search Results on Page 1


Search Engine Optimisation is the science of writing, coding and sharing your website content to ensure it gets better search engine ranking than your rank competitors. This website is mostly about on-page content and the structure of what’s inside the website, but external influences like from Social Media can also make a big difference to overall performance in Google.

My focus is on assisting small to medium size New Zealand businesses achieve their online goals through better understanding of SEO. Even small improvements in SEO can make significant changes in the business performance of a website. Even well-performing sites can generate more sales or leads by applying the right kind of SEO work.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is also about making sure that the visitors to your website are ready to do business with you. Direct performance in Google is measured in Google Search Console. Once they arrive there, Conversion rate Optimisation (CRO) ensures those visitors do what you want them to do, like make the call to hire you, buy the product you are selling, or download the information you’re providing. The activity on your site is measured by Google Analytics.

We combine the data from both sources to develop key Business Intelligence metrics so growth opportunities can be recognised and acted upon.


SEO is a science, not an art, nor is it black magic. There are many rules you need to follow to make sure you get ranking on Google and keep it for the long term. We are happy to tell you all about them, share our knowledge and insights in every aspect of application. Everything we do can be demonstrated and explained. There is no other form of SEO. With our work, you will be able to see what you paid for.

The Search Engine Optimisation tips and advice I share on this website are intended as an overview only – I will be launching an SEO short course soon, and I’m available to provide training in person on weekends and weekday evenings. The Do It Yourself section will hopefully make it just that little bit more understandable in plain English.

Please view the full range of services I offer on the Services page.

Top SEO Tip.

“Hire from where you aspire”

You should hire someone that ranks as well as YOU would want to rank! Hiring an SEO Company that you found ranked on Page 3 will probably only ever get YOU to page 3.