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Without Search Engine Optimisation, the business success of your website becomes very unlikely. Read on to find out what you can do to avoid this.

Is optimising your website turning out to be too hard?  Are you wasting lots of hours working on it and still getting nowhere?

Learn the secrets of SEO.

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We offer Search Engine Optimisation services, Internet Marketing services and general SEO advice for your website. Our goal is to help Kiwi business small and large make more profit or get more leads from the web, and provide information that helps you gain a better understanding of SEO and how to get found online. Search Engine Optimisation is a science, not an art. There are basic rules you need to follow to make sure you get ranking on Google and keep it. Ask us how to take your online business to the next level.

If everything has gone to plan, you reached this website because you were looking for answers as to how to get your website ranking better in Google, and showing up for searches that you want it to show up for. Hopefully the info here will help you on your way.

The Search Engine Optimisation tips, advice and ideas on this website are absolutely free. You can also get our hands-on assistance in performing SEO services on your website to boost its performance, and we offer managed Google Adwords campaigns too.

Our goal is to take the mystery out of SEO and make it just that little bit more understandable in plain English. You’re welcome to ask as many questions as you like and we’ll attempt to answer every single one. Qs & As will be published online on my SEO Expert FAQ page for all to see and benefit from, so if you’ve got a question, remember, the only dumb question is the one that’s never asked. Hope to hear from you soon.


% Clicks on Google Search Page 1 98%
% Clicks on Google Search Pages 2+ 2%



98% of the clicks from Google search results pages come from page 1. Only 2% of the total clicks from Google come from pages 2 or later. So if you are not on page 1 for your most valuable keywords, your website will probably fail to gain the traffic you are after

SEO will affect your website’s profitability.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is about making sure that the visitors to your website are ready to do business with you. Once they arrive there, CRO (Conversion rate Optimisation) ensures those visitors do what you want them to do, make the call to hire you, buy the product you are selling, or download the information you’re providing.


The successful implementation of SEO is not measured just on how many people are getting to your website, in fact, that statistic is often misunderstood as the main goal of SEO. It isn’t. It’s all about getting “quality” visitors to your website. Quality visitors are people already wanting to do business, so getting 500 high quality visits is far more desirable than 5000 low quality ones. Call us to chat about what kind of visitors your site is getting now.



We strongly believe that hiring digital marketing people who are  familiar with local language, culture and trends and who can write skilfully in localised English is the only way to generate powerful digital marketing content. When the quality of your website texts don’t reflect the standard you want to portray for your business, people will stop taking you seriously!

What is Search Engine Optimisation anyway?

Search Engine Optimisation (aka SEO) is the science of writing, formatting, and doing anything else required to make sure that content in your website gets better search engine ranking than your rank competitors. This website is mostly about website content and the structure of what’s inside the website, but external influences like from Social Media can also make a big difference to overall performance in Google or Bing.


Our focus is on assisting small to medium size New Zealand businesses achieve their online goals through better understanding of SEO. Even small improvements in SEO can make significant changes in the business performance of a website, sometimes generating as much as 2 or even 3 times more gross profit. Ask us how this is possible!



If ever a statistic proved that being at the top of the pile was best, then this is it! A whopping 32.5% of all clicks on page 1 of Google Search Results Pages go to the top contender and falling by about 15% to second place. While we do have to apply some further intelligence around why #1 gets the most clicks, it’s clear to see that lifting just one rank position in search results can have a dramatic effect of the volume of traffic visiting your website. Satisfied with being in 4th or 5th slot? Maybe you should reconsider. Even for well ranked websites, the extra push an effective SEO campaign can provide could double or even triple your page 1 click-through rates.

Clicks to
1st Rank

Clicks to
2nd Rank

Clicks to
3rd Rank

Clicks to
4th Rank

Perry Bernard

About Perry Bernard

The texts and guides published in this website are the work of Perry Bernard, employed at Forge Online Ltd. Perry has been the lead organic search marketer at Forge since 2013 and has attained a high level of understanding of current search trends. More importantly however, Perry also understands the direction in which the science of Search Engine Optimisation is headed into the future. This keen understanding is backed by a 5 year study of linguistics, the science of language, which provides him with a strong foundation and appreciation of the semantic and morphological complexity of keyword use. As a result, Perry is highly skilled in the practical application of keywords in search algorithms such as those of Google and Bing.

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Forge Online is a full-service website design company and digital marketing agency, who provides cost effective, open source web solutions.
Forge Online is a sister company to Forge Media; a company that has been providing marketing, branding, advertising and print services to leading New Zealand businesses for many years.

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